Neuroscience Boot Camp

Hello, everyone, I thought I would pass along the following announcement and opportunity.

Dear Friend of the Penn Center for Neuroscience & Society,

There is just one week left to apply to this summer’s Neuroscience Boot Camp, July 30th – August 8th. Neuroscience is increasingly relevant to a number of professions and academic disciplines beyond its traditional medical applications. Through a combination of lectures, break-out groups, panel discussions and laboratory visits at Neuroscience Boot Camp, our participants will gain an understanding of the methods of neuroscience and key findings on the cognitive and social-emotional functions of the brain, lifespan development and disorders of brain function.

Complete applications are due by midnight on Friday, February 3rd, 2012.

For more information on Neuroscience Boot Camp and instructions on how to apply, please visit:

According to their website, “[t]he intensive summer institute cov[ers] basic neuroscience [and] is geared towards… students in law, ethics, education, business, and other fields.”

Feel free to comment or ask questions by typing below!

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