Course Evaluations

Welles slow clapBelow you’ll find a selection of choice comments provided by actual students over the years—some positive, some negative, some funny, some weird. It’s been a treat to teach for so long, and I’ve always appreciated the warm reviews I’ve received in my courses and learned from the critical ones. Thanks so much.

The page is in progress.

Eventually I will be posting scanned or otherwise typed versions of anonymous free-response student evaluations. Official course evaluations are, of course, part of merit and promotion and tenure evaluations for faculty, but I’ve found it invaluable to collect additional evaluations.

Other ‘reviews’ online from students are statistically unrepresentative (especially when one considers the thousands of students I’ve taught over the years) and often rather unfortunately from disgruntled students. I might prefer if they were biased in the other direction and all from the students who received As, but the statistics professor in me wouldn’t like that either. Students on these kinds of sites have their reasons and if they should happen upon this one, I hope they take the time to read how others felt about their experiences.

All my best, and I hope the comments below help you decide one way or the other on whether you’d like to enroll in a course with me!

I can’t wait!

This is just a placeholder for an awesome evaluation that will be added eventually!