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Hello. My name is Dr. Evangelia Chrysikou. I am an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Kansas. In my research, I use cognitive neuroscience methods (like functional magnetic resonance imaging) to take pictures of the brain in action, specifically of how how people learn and remember information about everyday objects.

On occasion, psychology faculty in the cognitive and brain sciences like myself may drop in on the blog. I look forward to interacting with you online!

7 thoughts on “Guest posts on the blog

  1. I have no doubt that there will be some lively debate on some posts this term!

    Dr. Chrysikou’s post is currently featured in the section: “*HOTLY DISCUSSED POSTS ON THE BLOG* JOIN IN THE CONVERSATION!”

    Posts in this section of the blog have the most comments and will be good examples of topics in which your peers seem to be interested.

  2. This is a reply to the original post. I do this by typing into the box that follows “Please leave a REPLY to the post by typing below”.

    Notice that this is essentially starting a new discussion thread. You are not replying to a someone else’s comment when you do this. If you want to do this, just hit REPLY after their comment.

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