Statistics in Psychological Research (last offered Summer 2015)

PSYC210jayhawkHello, everyone. Welcome! This website (see also the submenus above) will feature class lectures and other material—all conveniently available on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device—for the Summer session of Statistics in Psychological Research. Because who can get enough statistics? I hear you!

Please note that Blackboard will not be used to deliver course content, largely because it is awful aesthetically and otherwise. It will be used for certain things related to grades, due to federal privacy concerns.

Download the course syllabus here. [link deactivated]

Your course textbook is…

Aron, A., Aron, E. N., & Coups, E. J. (2012). Statistics for psychology (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Information for SPSS is available here (and in the menu above).


Are you ready for Week 1? Great. Please go back up to the menu, IN THE CLASSROOM, then move your cursor to the submenu labeled, Summer 2015 Week 1. Make sure to check out the SPSS page in the submenu, too, if you haven’t already!