KU 320x480Hello, KU student! Are you interested in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)? A variety of software and applications are available for free download or purchase at KU, including SPSS. Please visit the following website (http://technology.ku.edu/software).

More information is available here (http://technology.ku.edu/software/spss).

The KU website indicates the following with respect to student cost: “No cost when accessed through the KU Virtual Lab (http://technology.ku.edu/virtual-lab). See costs in KU Web Store (https://kusoftware.onthehub.com/WebStore/Welcome.aspx) for personal download.” Please proceed as you see fit, understanding that SPSS is required for this course.

Additional information is available for on-campus access (https://webapps.ku.edu/~infotrain/labs.php). Look for IBM SPSS.

I personally run SPSS v22 on a Mac (OS 10.8.5).







**The information below was used in past offerings of this course. Please scroll above for the most recent information.**

For PSYC210 Statistics in Psychological Research, you will need IBM® SPSS® Statistics Standard GradPack. SPSS is available in certain computer labs on campus (e.g., Watson 3rd and 4th floor), if you choose not to rent or purchase it (see below for options).

IBM® SPSS® Statistics Standard GradPack enables intermediate students to use more advanced analytical algorithms and techniques, and includes IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM® SPSS® Advanced Statistics, IBM® SPSS® Regression, IBM SPSS Resource Center.

(Sounds great, right?)

SPSS software can be purchased at a discount. Learn about SPSS here: (http://www-01.ibm.com/software/analytics/spss/products/statistics/buy-now.html)

Here are some screenshots (the webpage has since changed, but you’ll get the basic idea!) to guide you through:

Do not purchase a lower base version, as it will not include vital analyses that you will need to be able to perform.

Please follow the link off-site (on the right) to “Buy Student Versions”. (I clicked on OntheHub.)

You can go directly by following this link (http://www.onthehub.com/spss/)

You might get a little warning. No worries.

Click on IBM® SPSS® Statistics 20 (or 21 or 22, or the relevant version for your platform). (The computers at KU are likely running a version of SPSS one behind, but it’s ok! To find out what’s new in SPSS 21, please click here [link de-activated] for a PDF.) You’ll now see the screenshot below. Please choose Windows or Mac. (I use a Mac version version 20.) Note that you can rent the program for as little as 6 months.

The screenshot below is older and the prices have changed, but you’ll get the idea.