Cognitive Psychology Fall 2017

PSYC Cognitive Psychology JayhawkHello, everyone. It’s the Spring 2017 semester and you’ve enrolled in PSYC 318 Cognitive Psychology! Please download the syllabus [updated] and read it carefully. Let me know if you have any questions.

This website will feature course-related material, as well as the most up-to-date version of the syllabus. More important, I will post relevant lecture highlights, responses to common student questions (with answers!), and exclamation marks!!—all available on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Because who can get enough cognitive psychology? So scroll down and check it out!

Student lecture notes

Have you taken fantastic notes in class? Want to be rewarded for your efforts, as well as feel good for helping your fellow classmates experience the course from a different perspective or for filling in the blanks of someone who might have missed the class for an excused reason? Well, as announced in class, I’m happy to post some (student-generated) class notes on the webpage. What a student gets from class may not be what the professor intended, after all, so student-generated notes are preferred! If you consistently contribute to this enterprise, I’ll reward you with extra credit put toward your final course grade. In the end, of course, the benefit is principally toward your actual test performance, as you’ll hopefully take great care in paying attention during lecture and integrating the material with the textbook’s coverage. Because I’ll ask for feedback on what I post, I’d like any class notes to be anonymous. For ease, they need to be Word or PDF files. If you’ve taken handwritten notes, I’d be willing to accept good-resolution photos that have been bound and converted into a PDF file. Email directly to me after the Wednesday lecture and I’ll post a link right here by Thursday of a zipped file that contains documents sent to me. Make sure to do the following: (1) Anonymize notes and eliminate ‘Author’ info on the document’s properties; (2) Name the file helpfully with ‘PSYC318’, your ‘code name’ (see next point), the words ‘notes’, and the dates covered; and (3) Come up with a ‘code name’ so that your notes can be identified for future evaluation and feedback. Finally, (4) email your TA with the subject heading PSYC318 ‘code name’ CLASS NOTES ATTACHED, for example: PSYCH318 Winter is coming CLASS NOTES ATTACHED. Code names from the past are pineapple, Alternative Facts, Tree, sunflower, panda, Jayhawk, Schrute Farms, RavioliRavioli, and galaxy, etc. Let me know if you have any questions!

Here are students’ notes for Fall 2017…
Please see zipped files below.

CLASS NOTES August 21, 23, 28, 30 via zipped file download 

CLASS NOTES September 6, 11, 13 via zipped file download

CLASS NOTES September 18, 20 via zipped file download

CLASS NOTES September 25, 27 via zipped file download

**Exam 1 is Monday October 2nd**

CLASS NOTES October 4 via zipped file download

CLASS NOTES October 9, 11 zipped file download 

CLASS NOTES October 16, 18 zipped file download

CLASS NOTES October 23, 25 zipped file download

CLASS NOTES October 30, November 1 zipped file download

CLASS NOTES November 6 zipped file download

**EXAM 2 is Wednesday November 8th**

CLASS NOTES November 13, 15 zipped file download

**NO CLASS** on November 20th // **NO CLASS** on November 22nd Thanksgiving

CLASS NOTES November 27, 29 zipped file download

CLASS NOTES December 4, 6 zipped file download


Do you have a question regarding the content of the course lectures or textbook? Please feel free to email it to your course TA (or me) with a correspondingly informative subject line. I’ll then post answers to your anonymized question right here on the website.

Example question: I don’t understand concept x. Help?

Answer: Let me explain it for you! [Then I do!]

Example bad question: What is on the exam?

Answer […] How about this? Propose what you think is fair game and what you think is not fair game for the exam, having carefully reviewed lecture notes and textbook highlights. I will then let you know what you need to revisit.

You: That is totally fair.

Me: Excellent.